what we do

Our mission is to create positive programs for kids that entertain, educate, inspire, and change lives. 

We engage children through our original entertainment content that evokes laughter, learning, compassion, and intercultural curiosity.

We encourage kids and communities to experience the joy of movement, music, and expression with our high-octane live events.

We ignite young minds through our integrated education curricula that weaves multi-subject activities for all learning styles. 

We energize teachers to take their passion and expertise to the next level through our Staff Development Trainings.

We collaborate with organizations to bring their causes and initiatives to life in a meaningful, measurable, memorable way.

We speak to audiences about the importance of raising a healthy, happy, whole generation of children.

And we love what we do.


Children are our most valuable resource.

Let’s make this world a better place for them.


our story


2001: KidTribe was conceived after 9/11 with a vision of children connecting with each other from around the world through the power of dance and laughter, promoting peace and equality.

2002: With massively attended Saturday Night Dance Parties for kids only in local malls, the movement grew after a big article appeared on the front page of the LA TimesCalendar Section.  

2004: In a partnership with the USDA Nutrition Network and a goal to solve the childhood obesity epidemic, the Hoopaplooza Fitness Concert was created. Our traveling team hooped it up with nearly 20,000 children a month in school districts, afterschool programs, and summer camps across the US & the UK.

2005: The Hoopersize physical education curriculum and Teacher Training program emerged to provide staff development for school day teachers and afterschool professionals.

2005: The Hoopratory explodes with orders for KidTribe’s Hooper-sized Hoops. 

2006: Hoopersize Me!, our first album, was written and recorded at Westlake Studios in Hollywood. 

2007: KidTribe rocks the stage at Kidzapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park.

2007 - 2008: The What Up Warm Up? and Hoopersize fitness videos go into production featuring Miss Kellee, Dr. Hoopenstein, and the KidTribe Crew of youth performers. Both DVDs won Parents’ Choice Awards and have been distributed internationally.

2009 – 2016: The White House invited us to perform Hoopapalooza at the Easter Egg Roll In partnership with Let’s Move!  Each year throughout the entire Obama Administration, we hooped it up on the South Lawn with the First Family and over 35,000 participating kids.

2009: NASA becomes our partner and we created Space School Musical, a hip-hopera that teaches students about the solar system through the performing arts. Thousands of schools throughout the US, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa implemented and produced the musical. It won a Telly Award and airs on NASA-TV.

2010 – 2015:  Nickelodeon invites us to perform at their Worldwide Day of Play event in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Each year we have a huge hoop party with tens of thousands new Hooperstars and our favorite Nick characters.

2011: President Obama’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition bestows Kellee McQuinn with a Community Leadership Award.

2012: Kellee McQuinn is invited to share her ideas in a TEDx Talk on childhood obesity.

2012: A nutrition focused viral music video series called Unjunk Yourself is created and produced in partnership with health guru Dr. David Katz.

2013: The Hoopersize Fit-Kit, complete with a patented oversized hoop, hours of pop infused music, and how-to videos gets produced, manufactured, and sold in stores throughout the nation.

2014: Drip Drop, a hip hop video series and education program about climate change and the water cycle is created in partnership with University Corporation of Atmospheric Research.

2015: Mack & Moxy, the kids show about causes, is developed and produced with Kellee McQuinn as the showrunner.

2016: Mack & Moxy airs on PBS and Netflix to glowing reviews. Teachers across the nation implement the Service Learning curricula. 

2017: KidTribe Productions is developing exciting new TV properties and continues to create innovative programming for our amazing tribe of kids around the world. 



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